Hamlet 2 (2008)

This was an interesting film.  It was a bit dorky in a Napoleon Dynamite sort of way.  The purposeful bad acting and the outlandish humor made it ongoingly enjoyable.  I laughed a lot because of the ridiculously non-politically correct humor that ran rampant throughout the film, like Mr. M’s Jesus-Christ-Superstar’esque play ‘Hamlet 2’ and his unorthodox interactions with his high-school drama students. 

Overall, I think the film accomplishes what it sets out to:  to be stupidly funny and ironic.  It pokes fun at celebrity and Hollywood, at high school politics, and at our litigous society. 

And, Mr. M’s ‘Rock Me Sexy Jesus’ musical number is a natural step after Webber’s presentation of the commodification of the Christ.  Though Mr. M doesn’t quite have the lean, swimmer’s body that he purports Jesus would have today.  Perhaps they could’ve brought in Michael Phelps for a cameo.

Overall, it was a fun movie.  And, I tend to agree with Mr. M. that it kinda sucks that Shakespeare’s Hamlet ends so tragically, so having Hamlet time warp back to save everyone shows us that it is possible to have a happy ending in the wake of tragedy.  Perhaps this speaks to our hopes and dreams today….

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