Religulous (2008)

Just a few brief words about this film:

What I found throughout this film is a lack of support for a lot of Bill Maher’s “Biblical (or other religious textual) evidence.” There were countless scenes in which Maher was saying to people “such and such is in the Bible” and the people would say, “no, i believe it said this,” and he would say, “no, that’s not in there.”  But he didn’t carry a Bible or a Qu’ran or anything else with him to “show” anything. There were only a handful of times in which he actually provided quotes from religious texts in order to support his argument–he could have either shown the quotes to the people he was talking to, or presented them as titles for the viewer. Otherwise, his lack of consistently doing this severely affected his ethos in my opinion and it severely diminishes the overall quality of this film.

He attempts to make some good points in this film but I fail to see the point if you don’t do it right.

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