Commemorating a Year of Cinematophiliac

So, I guess I didn’t even notice that I’ve been writing on my blog for a year already! We’re a month past Cinematophiliac’s one-year anniversary but I’d like to share a few stats with you:

  • # of views to-date: 1,353!
  • Still the featured blog under the tag, “Herzog.”  This is awesome!
  • Some faithful readers, the known ones being: Norse Penny Press, Ad Nihilum in Odio, and Foolscap topping the charts! Thanks!!!!!

I try to diversify my viewing habits and hope that my audience has gotten some pleasure from reading my analyses.

Here’s to an intellectually prosperous second year, dear Cinematophiliac!

3 thoughts on “Commemorating a Year of Cinematophiliac

  1. Congrats on the year…..Very interesting essays on the films….I come here occasionally, by the way and read your comments. Your take on the movies listed is insightful and deep….I have a tendency to just watch those movies that make me laugh or sit on the edge of my seat….good job…..Dad

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