Food, Inc. (2008)

The one thing I would like to say about this documentary film is that they should be ashamed of themselves for plagiarizing The Future of Food (2004). In The Future of Food, the documentarian (Deborah Koons Garcia) tackles the organic food vs. GMO food issue in decent detail. She interviews individuals who have been affected by GMOs: farmers, mothers of sickened children, consumers, experts. She … Continue reading Food, Inc. (2008)

What’s Your Thing? – Episode 1 – Samantha Walks

This is the first episode of the What’s Your Thing? series created by me and Samantha.  We call ourselves Goo Goo Plex Films.  Eventually I will learn how to upload a better quality video to YouTube but for now this will have to do.  And, if you’re wondering, that is us singing and playing the theme song, and Samantha played the accordian for the sound … Continue reading What’s Your Thing? – Episode 1 – Samantha Walks

21 and Up (1977)

This is the third part of the UP Series, directed by Michael Apted.  The series started with Seven Up in 1964 and then Seven Plus Seven in 1970.  It’s an intriguing series to watch because you see fourteen children from different socioeconomic backgrounds in the UK, whose lives are tracked in increments of seven.  It’s interesting to see how your own predictions for them are … Continue reading 21 and Up (1977)