Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors (1963)

  This Russian film was directed by Aleksandr Rou. And like all fairy tales, it has a moral.  And, like many Russian films, that moral tends toward glorifying the State.  And that’s okay.  I don’t mind.  I liked this film a lot.  I loved the colors and the characters with their backwards names, like “Dneirf,” which was translated in the subtitles as “Friend.” Or “Lesaew,” which … Continue reading Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors (1963)

The Dark Knight & the Autonomy of the Self

For my first post, I’d like to delve into my thoughts on The Dark Knight (2008).  Initially, I was reluctant to watch the film because of its reputation for violence.  I’m typically uninterested or unamused with gratuitous violence and sex in film.  Luckily, The Dark Knight lacked the gratuitous sex.  And, being well hardened to images of violence, I wasn’t altogether overwhelmed with what violence … Continue reading The Dark Knight & the Autonomy of the Self